Frequently Asked Questions – Single Serve Brewers

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• Where can I purchase iCoffee® single serve brewers?

Click here for a list of all fine retailers:

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• How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

iCoffee® brewers are covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials or workmanship under normal home use.


• How do I purchase additional i-Cup reusables?

Additional reusable iCups are available for purchase at select retailers or at


• Can I use other brands of reusable cups?

Because of iCoffee’s SpinBrew™ technology, only our reusable iCup™ is compatible with our single serve brewers. Our needle is a bit longer and spins inside of the cup which steams and stirs the grounds, whereas our competitors’ stationary needles are much shorter.


• How much coffee grounds should I use in my iCup Reusable?

For best results with the iCup™ Reusable please watch the iCup™ reusable video instructions


I’m not getting a full cup of coffee

It is possible that the piercing needle of your brewer may have become plugged with coffee grounds.  Sometimes this happens if you’ve left a used K-type cup in the brewer overnight, have used the brewer for hot cocoa or cappuccino pods, used too fine of ground coffees or it occasionally just happens over time because the SpinBrew needle plunges, day after day, into coffee grounds. Please refer to the following video instructions for clearing the needle


• My brewer displays a blue blinking “add water” light when the reservoir is already full of water, how do I fix it?

Occasionally, due to rough handling during shipment and delivery, the black float disk located in the water reservoir that tells the brewer there is enough water to brew, gets dislodged (you may notice it loose in the reservoir). Please call iCoffee customer service toll free at (844) 257-0810 and we’ll handle getting you a replacement reservoir quickly.


• How do I empty out the water from the internal part of the brewer? What do I do if it has sat unused for a week or two?

To purge your brewer, empty and clean the reservoir then refill with fresh water. Place a cup in the drip tray and brew just hot water (do not add K-type cup) until all the water in the reservoir has cycled through the brewer.


• How often do you suggest cleaning the reservoir?

We have extensively tested (for one year before launch) the various conditions, water quality and frequency of use for our SpinBrewers. We came to the conclusion that because we have made the reservoir crystal clear, and you can see anything in the reservoir, we recommend lightly rinsing with dish washing liquid soap every three to four weeks. Our Brewer has NO BPA’s!


• What is the capacity and size of the brewers?

Opus:           75 oz reservoir  13”L x 10”W x 13”H

Mozart:         75 oz reservoir  13”L x 10”W x 13”H

Davinci:        55 oz reservoir   11 7/8″ L x 10″ W x 13 1/8”H

Express:       “Pour N Brew”    9 7⁄8″ L x 7 1⁄8″ W x 13 1/8″ H