Frequently Asked Questions – Multi-Cup Brewers

steambrewWe’re coffee lovers like you, so if you have questions, then we have answers! If you don’t see the question on your mind or the answer you seek, please click Contact Us and let us know how we can help.

• I love the taste of my favorite coffee using iCoffee’s SteamBrew Technology. Sometimes I notice coffee sediment in the bottom of my cup and carafe. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal and the amount will depend on the grind and brand of coffee you choose. You are noticing a finely extracted coffee essence due to iCoffee’s SteamBrew technology and premium goldtone filter which uses the “goodness of steam” to eliminate any bitter and acidic aftertaste ensuring only rich and “impossibly smooth” tasting coffee. If you would prefer less coffee essence, use the optional filter that came with your brewer. If you don’t have an optional filter you can order one from our store page by clicking here.


• I notice the rich Coffee Crema forming in the brew viewing window during the SteamBrew process, but it does not flow into the carafe?

The Rich Coffee Crema forms when the coffee is steambrewing. That rich coffee crema helps ensure an “impossibly smooth” tasting cup of coffee. By the time it hits the carafe the crema bubbles have burst and all you are left with is that impossibly smooth coffee flavor.


• What brand of coffee and grind size should I use in the iCoffee?

Use you favorite brand of coffee, iCoffee makes any brand taste “impossibly smooth”. We recommend that you use a medium to coarse grind, one that is commonly used in Auto/Manual drip brewers, Percolators or French Press makers. PLEASE DO NOT use fine or extra fine grounds suitable for expresso or Turkish coffee.


• I love the bold, smooth coffee from my iCoffee but I am having trouble cleaning the gold tone filter and drip basket…any suggestions?

It should take about a minute to properly clean the iCoffee brewer. We made a short video and it’s available on our You Tube channel along with other helpful information:


• How can I keep the warming plate on for more than 2 hours?

We chose 2 hours because the longer the coffee sits on the plate, the stronger it becomes due to evaporation of the water in the pot. We are working on our next generation brewer which will include a re-heat feature. For now, please try reheating in your microwave or place in a thermal carafe. Look for our new Thermal Carafe brewer next year.


• All my friends tell me how much they love the taste of SteamBrewed coffee but I am concerned that it might not fit under my kitchen cabinets.

The iCoffee is just 14.5” tall and should fit easily on the counter under most cabinets. In case you were wondering, it’s 10.5” deep.


• I am so upset, I cracked my iCoffee carafe. Where can I get a replacement?

Just visit our iCoffee store to order a new carafe or any other replacement parts. It’s on the home page at the top as iCoffee store or just click this link:


• All my friends have the iCoffee, LOVE it, and ordered it online. How can I find out if it is available in a store near me?

Got to, select the “Where to Buy” tab, enter you address or zip code and see who carries the iCoffee near you. Don’t be discouraged if there isn’t a store near you yet. We are adding new ones all the time. If you can’t wait, you’ll have to order online like your friends. The list of sites for online ordering is on that same page.


• You respond to customers quickly, can you keep it up?

Definitely! We only exist because of coffee lovers like you, and as you can see, we’re passionate about iCoffee and want everyone to enjoy “impossibly smooth” coffee. As iCoffee’s inventor Bruce Burrows always says….”Life’s too short to drink a bitter cup of coffee!” Keep those questions and comments coming our way. We love to hear from you and if you purchased online we would appreciate you writing a review of your experience.


• I tried all your suggestions to reduce the sediment, what you call coffee essence, in my cup and carafe, any other ideas?

We just developed an optional filter that can be used if you prefer less finely extracted coffee essence. Here is a link to the Optional Filter on the iCoffee store:


• My coffee brewed in iCoffee comes out stronger than I prefer.

Yes! We have heard this comment often and the solution is simple, use less coffee and save some dough. You can also add more water.


• Is there a recommended amount of coffee to water ratio to use when Steambrewing?

No, before brewing we suggest you adjust the amount of coffee you normally use. iCoffee users have reported adjusting the amount of coffee they use by adding more or using less coffee in the SteamBrew basket to achieve the smoothness and flavor they prefer.


• I’ve heard that you should periodically use a diluted white vinegar solution to lengthen the lifespan and performance of coffee brewers. Is this true?

Yes, this is definitely true. We have done a lot of research on this and want our iCoffee lovers to enjoy their brewer for as long as possible. Please refer to your Customer Care guide for detailed directions on using diluted white vinegar. You can download a copy of the Customer Care Guide from the SUPPORT section of this website.


• I love Mozart’s music but when I program it to start early on Saturday morning, it wakes up my kids. Can I mute it when I want?

Yes, please notice the button on the upper right marked m/(musical note). Push this button when you are not brewing and this will mute the music. The digital clock display will indicate “song off”. When you are ready to enjoy Mozart’s music again, simply press the m/(musical note) button and the digital display will indicate “song on”.


• My iCoffee brewer sounds like my grandmother’s percolator, this brings back many fond memories, is this normal?

Yes to both. SteamBrewing does sound like Grandma’s percolator and we hope it brings back many fond memories. Enjoy!


• Every once in a while I notice a trace of steam escaping from the lid, is this normal?

Yes. The SteamBrew lid directs the steam into the coffee however, like a vegetable steamer sometimes a little steam can escape.