Rogers Family Company, maker of OneCup™, praises iCoffee

rog2-largeThe Rogers family Company Coffee and Tea blog said this about the iCoffee single serve brewer, We have used just about every brewer on the market including every Keurig­® model. In the last couple of years there have been several manufacturers jumping into the single serve brewer market and so the options have never been better.  In my personal opinion one has risen to the top of the pile”. They went on to say, “The Remington iCoffee® has become our go to brewer here in the office and with good reason. It is made with sturdy (read long lasting) construction and has a high quality look and feel to it. It brews a really good cup of coffee using any k-cup® style pod and it truly breaks the need to go to Green Mountain for all your single serve technology”.

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