Passionate customers posted the following reviews on the Bed Bath & Beyond website to explain why they love iCoffee’s K-compatible single serve brewer, The Opus!

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Actual unedited Bed Bath & Beyond reviews

April 7, 2016
April 8, 2016
April 11, 2016
April 13, 2016
April 18, 2016
April 25, 2016
April 27, 2016
May 3, 2016
May 5, 2016

Other Reviews

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Rogers Family Company Coffee & Tea Blog (Full Review)

Rogers Family Company Coffee & Tea Blog

“Coffee the way it’s supposed to taste”

“Makes a typical K-Cup taste even better”
Doug Bardwell

“Coffee has never tasted so good. iCoffee is the gourmet lover’s answer to the perfectly brewed beverage.”

“The Remington iCoffee has become our go to brewer here in the office… Having used just about every single serve brewer out there I can honestly say this IS the one to get”
Rogers Family Company

“I could really tell the difference in the taste, my coffee was definitely more flavorful and smoother”
The Simple Moms

“Provides an exquisite cup of smooth tasting coffee every time”
Consumer Queen

“The new kid in town is kickin’ some coffee butt”

“Only an insecure, inferior machine will limit your experience to just their brand of [single serve] cups. And Remington’s iCoffee Opus lets you experience every and anything you want to taste.”

“This single serve brewer has been making my mornings more enjoyable every day.”
Pinstripe Magazine

“Perfect for my morning coffee!”
San Diego Family

“There is a noticeable difference between K-Cups brewed with a  Keurig Brewer and an iCoffee brewer. The iCoffee brewer produces coffee with a less bitter taste and a more true coffee flavor experience in my opinion”
Seeking Alpha

“After having our machine for a month or so, it actually won over its toughest critic – my wife. ‘I actually like it a lot better than the Keurig,” she told me. ‘It’s just a really nice coffee maker, and it works really well.’”
The Rock Father

“As someone who has sampled coffees brewed in many a machine, I can well attest that iCoffee Opus rocks my brew socks with a smooth, enjoyable cup!”
Rural Mom

“[SpinBrew Technoloy] offers a smooth cup of coffee, and hasn’t ever brewed a bitter cup since I’ve had [the Opus].”
Houseful of Nicholes

“If I had to pick one product I’ve reviewed that I believe is, 100% without a doubt, the best of its kind…this would be it.”
My Fit Fab Forties

“I can honestly say that the iCoffee is now sitting in the place where my previous single serve coffee maker was. I HAVE found a new coffee brand that I’m in love with.”
Our Kids Mom

“Within a mere 24 hours, this system replaced my old coffee maker which has now been benched as the second string on my coffee lineup!”
Cincinnati Cents

“The results are the freshest possible cup of coffee…I highly recommend this machine to anyone in the market for a single serve coffee brewer.”
Colorado Mountain Mom

“I decided to have my own taste test and invited over some of the biggest Keurig coffee drinkers I know. …The iCoffee Opus brewer made coffee that taste better, so much so that these 3 times Keurig owners are switching to the iCoffee Opus!”
My Boys and Their Toys

“The amazing iCoffee Opus single serve brewer now sits where the big coffee pot used to sit.”
Tots to Teens Magazine

“I am in love with the iCoffee brewer”
Game on Mom

“We have been using iCoffee daily, and I highly recommend it.”
Macaroni Kid Snellville

“I love my new iCoffee Single Serve Opus brewer more than my Keurig!”
The IE Mommy

“If you don’t have a single serve brewer, I would definitely consider purchasing the Opus.”
Real Moms Real Views

“We love the iCoffee Single Serve and highly recommend it for the coffee lover in your life.”
Pittsburgh Better Times

“I would definitely recommend this brewer as it’s above the standard”
Macaroni Kid Canton

“I have a new love in single-serve coffee machines, and his name is Opus.”
Pretty Opinionated

“In short, it’s fantastic.”

“Everything about the iCoffee is amazing.”
Kelly’s Thoughts on Things

“[The coffee] is hotter and has a more fresh flavor no matter what brand coffee I use.”
Macaroni Kid Downtown Atlanta

“This is truly a breakthrough in single-serve brewing technology.”
Kitchen Boy