Our Technology

Bruce Burrows was never satisfied with the taste or quality of the coffee he made at home. After trying what seemed like all of the various drip and K-style single serve brewers on the market, he consistently found the taste of the coffee to be substandard at best. It couldn’t come close to the smooth and non-bitter taste of the expensive brews he enjoyed at his neighborhood coffeehouse.


Bruce was also frustrated by the widely reported quality issues of K-style single serve brewers which led to premature brewer life and the ongoing hassle of  boxing up and returning defective brewers to where they were purchased.


Bruce realized that the only way to have great coffee taste at home was to re-invent how coffee was brewed at home. So he did just that by inventing SpinBrew™ Technology for single serve brewers and SteamBrew™ Technology for multi-cup brewers. Both technologies spin, steam and stir throughout the brewing process to open up the grounds, unlocking and releasing all the exquisite coffee flavor in a way that has never been done before. What you get is Impossibly Smooth™ coffee taste with the familiarity of a drip coffee maker or the convenience of a K-style single-serve brewer.

SpinBrew™ Story

SteamBrew™ Story