iCoffee Opus selected for holiday gift guide 2015!


A top blogger, Lil’ Mamas (which claims to “Keep it real, really real”), has selected iCoffee’s single serve Dial-a-Brew Opus/Mozart for its Holiday Gift Guide 2015. Lil’ Mamas describes iCoffee as a brewer that “makes the perfect cup of coffee and so much more. Compatible with ALL K-type cups, and sold with a reusable cup (which we highly recommend as it saves the environment and is so easy to use).” Lil’ Mamas then went on to say, “this brewer can also make tea, cider and hot cocoa or provide hot water for oatmeal and soup.”


Thanks for understanding the versatility of iCoffee while appreciating its ability to brew the perfect cup!


Read the full review here: Lil’ Mamas 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

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