The iCoffee Story

iCoffee STORY 03Bruce Burrows holds more then 120 patents, a good many of them for water purification systems. As you can imagine, the arduous journey to invention is fueled, in large part, by coffee. A lot of coffee.  As a result, the quest for the ultimate cup of coffee became his passion. He soon realized that coffee brewing hadn’t changed since the introduction of drip brewing more than fifty years ago. With the classic drip brewer, hot water is poured through the center of a pile of coffee grounds. That compacts them and over brews the grounds in the center. That’s where the bitterness comes from. French press makes a good cup of coffee, but it’s slow and messy. Of course, everyone also wants the familiar simplicity of the drip brewer, too.

iCoffee STORY 06While everyone told him that the status quo was “good enough,”  Bruce kept saying, “There has to be a better way.”

There was. But, it took nothing short of reinventing coffee brewing.

After seven years and 1,257 prototypes, the iCoffee technology was ready.

It starts with steam. The coffee grounds are steamed, releasing the flavors, the same way they are with steamed vegetables. Then, rotational jets properly. The jets continue to steam and stir until all the exquisite coffee flavor is released. You get a “French Press Effect” coffee, only faster, easier, less messy and smoother. And, since the grounds never compact, there’s no acidic taste. No bitterness. Ever.

Most people would have been satisfied with reinventing drip brewing.  Not Bruce. Next he set his sights on rebuilding the single serve brewer. And he didn’t want coffee lovers to be held hostage by one kind of brewing cup.

And SpinBrew™ technology was born. It’s a reengineering of the same “steam, saturate, extract, suspend and stir” of the iCoffee multi-cup brewers, scaled to a single server. And you can use any brand of K-cup you want. Bruce made them all work.

iCoffee is revolutionary technology in an easy-to-use, familiar-looking package. But, after one sip of our “Impossibly Smooth™” taste, you may wonder if you’ve ever really experienced coffee before.