The iCoffee Story



Born From Relentless Innovation

7 years and 1,257 prototypes. iCoffee's SteamBrew™ technology includes, six rotational hot water jets, brew-viewing window, gold-tone filtration, 12-cup fully automatic, 24-hour programmable, automatic shut-off with 2-hour keep warm, and rich coffee crèma extraction that is seen forming in the exclusive Brew Window. The iCoffee brewer is engineered to extract only the most exquisite coffee flavors. iCoffee technology is protected by patents so you won’t find it in any other coffee brewer.

iCoffee’s SteamBrew™ technology is now making its way into the homes of coffee lovers nationwide.

Inspired by Legacy

The Remington name has been associated with coffee brewing since 1846 when John Remington received his patent for a coffee percolator. Since then, several models of Remington percolators and various coffee brewers were marketed. In 2005, Bruce Burrows, founder and inventor of iCoffee by Remington, began the relentless pursuit of using the goodness of steam in coffee brewing. He recognized that for more than 40 years, coffee lovers have been limited to methods of brewing that can over extract bitter and acidic oils from their favorite coffee and leave them dissatisfied with the flavor.

Isolating the Problem

The Drip Dilemma – Bitter and Acidic Coffee Oils

Drip coffee makers have been in use for more than 40 years. Now that the original drip-brewer patents have expired, the industry has reached commodity status. There have been hundreds of drip-brewers on the market. Unfortunately, they all suffer from the same scientific dilemma – uneven extraction.

Drip brewers rain hot water down unevenly on the grounds. You can see the evidence of this by looking at the crater that can be formed in the grounds after brewing. Unfortunately, this results in the over-extraction of unwanted acidic and bitter coffee oils. This makes perfect coffee extraction impossible.

The Single-Serve Dilemma – Over Extraction

Single-serve coffee makers are popular because they are fast, easy to use and convenient. Unfortunately, the pump can quickly force hot water through finely ground coffee at excessive speeds, resulting in over-extraction of unwanted acidic and bitter coffee oils. Single serve is expensive to use and forfeits perfect coffee extraction for speed.

The French Press Dilemma – Inconvenience

Coffee drinkers love how their favorite coffee tastes smoother, non-bitter, and non acidic using the French Press brewing process.

The French Press completely surrounds and suspends coffee grounds with hot water, extracting exquisite coffee flavors with none of the bitter, acidic aftertaste. Unfortunately, the French Press is inconvenient to use, the coffee becomes cold quickly, it is time consuming to brew and clean, and it is limited to only a few cups.

The iCoffee Solution

SteamBrew Technology

iCoffee technology forgoes the dated mechanics of shower head drip coffee brewers, pressurized single-serve cups, and French Press by revolutionizing how the coffee is finessed inside the brewer.

SteamBrew Pre-Steam - Unlock Nutrition and Flavor

First, the coffee is pre-steamed to evenly apply proper moisture and heat. Like steaming vegetables to unlock nutrition and flavor, iCofffee uses the benefits of steam to open up and fully release only the non-bitter, non-acidic, exquisitely smooth coffee flavors.

SteamBrew Hot Water Rotational Jets - Full Flavor Release

Six patented SteamBrewTM hot water rotational jets further steam, and stir your favorite coffee releasing a symphony of exquisite flavors.

SteamBrew Brew-Viewing Window - Watch The Rich Crèma Form

iCoffee’s modern design allows the coffee lover to observe the SteamBrew process through the Brew-viewing window, and watch as rich coffee crèma forms.

SteamBrew Efficiency… Less is More

iCoffee releases more flavor from the same amount of coffee and allows you to use less coffee to achieve the same boldness. iCoffee drinkers report using less coffee to achieve desired strength and exquisite flavor.